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Aaka Support is an independent Online and On-Ground technical support provider for various computer and peripherals related issues. Some of the services may be available free of cost, directly from the manufacturer. Use of of names/trademarks/logos (If any) are only for referential purposes and does not imply any kind of affiliation between Aaka Support and the trademark holder. We strongly recommend you to get in touch with the manufacturer to know if your device is under warranty or not. - Remote Access

Remote Access - What You Need To Know

  • In order to go ahead and check the issue that you are facing with your computer, an AakaSupport representative would require remote access to your computer.
  • It is STRONGLY recommended that before giving the access to the representative, kindly close all current files, emails and other confidential data o your computer.
  • Also, please be aware that the entire remote control session is recorded for monitoring and quality training purposes.
  • By typing and entering the 6 digit code provided by the AakaSupport representative (in the Logmein access panel) you are explicitly allowing the AakaSupport representative to access and control your computer.
  • Please note, even after the remote session is established, YOU (the customer who is providing the access) remains the primary user of the computer and can close the session at any point of time by clicking on the (X) button on the top right windows of the LogmeIn Access Panel.
  • No Software and tools are downloaded on your computer without your consent.
  • LogmeIn is a publicly traded US Company, founded in 2003, with head quarters in Boston.
  • The 6 digit code of LogmeIn given to you can not be used again on the same panel.
  • Once the session is terminated either by you or by the AakaSupport agent, it can not be re-established with the same code. Also, the session can not be restored upon termination at any given point of time.

We take security very seriously. In case you feel that the AakaSupport representative is not following the adhered norms of remote access or is trying to ask your sensitive and confidential information, we request you to immediately email the same to

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